Professional SWOT Ltd

Professional Swot Ltd is a Private Limited Company Offeres its Business Analysis services to small and micro organisations. Small Business are more vonurable as compared to large organisations, thus require special attention and more professional approaches to operate in challenging market.

Unfortunately most entrepreneurs invest in small business without proper knowledge of market and thier competencies.

There can be several reason for business failure such as:

1) Lack of approprieate business planning

2) Lack of Market knowledge

3) Un-appropriate expence forcasting

4) Lack of marketing and adoptation of technology

5) Lack of skills and experties

    and much more.....

Unfortunately "ambitious" entrepreneurs don’t measure their own competencies and strategic advantages in market which ultimately causes business closure, another "ambitious" entrepreneur jumps in and repeats the same process in same business premises and faces similar continuances. It is essential just like large organisations, small and micro businesses measure their competencies and adopt the strategies necessary for their survival. As a matter a fact not every entrepreneurs are qualified enough to do so this where Professional SWOT ltd comes in.

Our Services: 

Professional SWOT Ltd acts as bridge between business and its success. Our analysts not only inform you about your current market position but also how you can improve your current position.

We provide wide range of analysis and advisory services. Each services strengthens your business and tells you about loopholes in your business and how to improve them. Our Business Analysts are highly qualified professionals who analyse your business and your core competencies which you posses but don’t know how to use them. They provide you with business tactics to obtain competitive advantage over your competitor and even help you to grow your business.

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