Business Coachine and Business Mentor:

(This Programme will be available soon)

“Research at Sun Microsystems in 2006 found that staff who took part in its mentoring programme were promoted five times more often that those who didn’t.”

with a ‘monthly fee & no hidden costs’ programme.

A business mentor / business coach provides a fresh perspective and can help a business owner take a step back and see ‘the bigger picture’.

They can assist in identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth that may have been missed by managers too close to the business ….. and the benefits don’t stop here:

  • Independent, impartial advice.
  • Peace of mind, increased confidence, a fresh perspective, inspiration or simply a sounding board to bounce ideas off for growing your business.
  • Assistance to implement improvements, support which is not often available after attending a business course or workshop.
  • An empathetic person to listen to the challenges and difficulties you face – sometimes this alone is all that’s needed to identify strategies and opportunities for growth.
  • Mentoring can challenge you to go further, set new goals and achieve better results.
  • Successful mentoring depends on the commitment you make to the mentoring relationship!

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