Give us a call or e-mail us and we will book a meeting with you. 

We can organise meeting in any part of UK with the help of "prestigue Regus Offices" available thoughout UK, 

or we can come to your place as specifid.

After meeting we do survay of your business and its surrounding, this may take us up to 2-3 days so that we give you the best quote possible.

Aim is to not only understand your business and its pitfalls in brief but also to analyse the market in which you operate your business.

After conducting survay, we send you quotation for your Specified Consultancy applicable for your business analysis.

 Along with quotation we send you the contract containing terms and conditions.

Once Contract is signed and you have agreed all terms and conditions of contract. Our analyst visits your business premisis and conducts extensive survay.

They also conduct survay of your surrounding and market you are operating in. 

After survay is complete which can take upto a month, our analyst shapes there findings into a report and send it to you.

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